Augusta Maternity Photographer

When I was 12, my family moved up to Augusta, Georgia (previously, we lived 3 hours south of Augusta). My mother was going back to college and got excepting into MCG. I always had hope that once she finished school, we would move back to my hometown. I’d get to go back to my old school, be with my old friends. I enjoyed the familiar. And at that age, who doesn’t?

Anyway, I’m a firm believe that things happen for a reason. Fast forward 7 years and I met and married my husband! He had recently join the military and was stationed at Fort Gordon. When he began to deploy, I so desperately wanted to be able to document our growing family for him. I was so sad that he was missing milestones, as was he! At that time, we still had those flip phones with the tiny screens. We had previously owned little two point-and-shoot cameras and they both had died on us. Neither the phones or little cameras were fulfilling the need for good images. So my amazing husband surprised me with a DSLR (aka big fancy shmancy) camera. I was so ecstatic to finally have something nice to take photos with and share with him! And that is where my photography journey began.

augusta-georgia-maternity-photographerI immediately became obsessed with learning the technical side of things. I was fascinated with how it works! Soon after posting pictures of my kids online, friends began asking me to take photos of their kids. And then my friend’s friends would see their photos and want me to take pictures for them as well. And thus, a business was born!

I’ve always been fascinated with photography. I climbed trees and hid in bushes with my Kodak film camera as a kid, trying to capture something amazing. I took some classes in junior high which was eye opening. Never in a million years, though, did I think that I would begin a photography business. Business is scary! All the legal crap, the thought of having unhappy customers, the requirement to work long nights to meet a deadline.

Despite it all, I love it! I’m happy with where I am and where my business is going. I strive to capture beautiful portraits that mean something.

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