Baby Milo’s Lumberjack Cake Smash

I mainly work with expecting mamas and their brand new babies. Every now and then, I’ll photograph these cuties as they grow up and I LOVE it! It makes me so happy to watch your little ones growing and learning all the fun things, like sitting up, clapping, and holy cow when they start walking it always blows my mind. Your one year old’s just seem too small to be walking people!
Last weekend I had the joy of documenting baby Milo’s one year cake smash! Milo belongs to my dear friend, Maggie, and she’s stuck with me through all of my bad photography styles to my current photo styles haha. She wanted him to have a lumberjack theme, and oh my goodness it was the most precious thing I’d ever seen.

Cloth diaper from Smart Bottoms


Maggie asked me, “Do you think it’s too much plaid?” In which I responded, ‘There’s never too much plaid.” haha.


His blonde hair and blue eyes are going to melt hearts (besides mine) one day.


I about died when his mom brought out this crown. I was lucky I got as many pictures with it on him as I did, because he wasn’t as big of a fan of it on as I was.


Often times babies will just stare at the cake. They don’t know what it is and they don’t understand why everyone is staring at them and why some strange lady (aka me) is holding this big black thing up near their space. So moms will help babies get a taste.


Once they taste that sugar though, they dive right in! By the way, mom made the cake and it tasted freakin’ delicious.

baby-boy-in-lumberjack-cake-smash-photos-in-augusta-gafirst-birthday-photos-with-lumberjack-cake-smash-theme-in-grovetown-georgiababy-boy-in-lumberjack-cake-smash-photos-in-grovetown-georgiacake-smash-photos-with-a-lumberjack-themecake-smash-photos-with-a-lumberjack-theme-in-grovetown-georgiacake-smash-photos-with-a-lumberjack-theme-in-augusta-georgiaplaid-style-smart-bottoms-diaperplaid-style-smart-bottoms-diaper-picturescute-lumberjack-cake-smashaugusta-georgia-cute-lumberjack-cake-smashmessy-lumberjack-cake-smashchocolate-cake-for-babys-cake-smashAfter Milo got good and messy, Mom took him inside for a sink bath and I followed.

clean-up-after-babys-cake-smashadorable-clean-up-after-babys-cake-smashboho-augusta-maternity-photographerclean-up-after-babys-first-birthday-cake-smash-againbeautiful-candid-moments-of-babys-bathboho-augusta-lifestyle-photographyclean-up-after-babys-first-birthday-cake-smash-in-augusta-gaadorable-baby-bath-photos-in-augusta-gaclean-up-after-babys-first-birthday-cake-smashadorable-baby-bath-photos-in-augusta-ga-againcute-photos-of-baby-in-bath-in-grovetown-gacute-photos-of-baby-in-bath-in-grovetown-ga-againThe sink bath photos are by far my favorite images. The intimate mood, the sweet connection, the pure raw moments. This is what I live for. Click HERE to email me now to set up your baby’s portrait session! Let’s make it a sink bath one, too.