Doctors Hospital Newborn Baby Girl

I’ve photographed countless newborns in the hospital. Fresh 48, first 48, after birth photos, whatever you want to call it, they’re my favorite thing to photograph.
I never get tired of walking into a hospital room (or home for all my homebirth moms!) and seeing mom sitting there, looking so exhausted and yet so full of satisfaction that she’s finally able to hold her baby in her arms.
I gave birth to my first born here, at Doctors Hospital in Augusta, 8 years ago! This time, I was here to document the new addition to the Lass family;
a baby girl named Taylor Jade.


Doctors-hospital-of-augusta-georgiaOk, Dads and their daughters. AmIright?! WHY does it always make my heart melt?!


You guys. If you follow me religiously then you KNOW I love baby toes!
(Weird tidbit, I hate feet. They’re so gross and funny looking. I even hate my own feet. BUT baby toes are the best! I could kiss and nibble them all day long haha)

cute-photos-of-her-newborn-toes-at-doctors-hospitalNewborn-pictures-of-baby-girl-at-Doctors-hospital-of-AugustaAll that hair you guys. <3

little-baby-girl-at-doctors-hospitalnewborn-baby-girl-born-at-doctors-hospitaldad-comforting-his-newborn-baby-girlparents-welcoming-their-baby-girlsweet-newborn-baby-girl-threeI could just stare into a newborn’s eyes all day long. They’re so sweet and tender, and if you can keep their focus, bonus points!

sweet-newborn-baby-girl-twothe-new-family-with-their-newbornNewborn toes again. Purple, wrinkly and all! Gah I’m dying. Just so new and teeny tiny and they don’t stick yet because they can’t go running around haha.

newborns-feet-at-Doctors-hospitalThe staff at Doctors Hospital walked in around this time. They were so kind to simply walk back out, to be out of the way, so that I could finish photographing Taylor.

dad-helping-his-newborn-babyMom and Dad ordered this blanket special made for baby girl. It’s adorable, super soft, nice and stretchy, and it has her name on it! I’ll take three please.

cute-newborn-baby-girl-in-her-blanketRight-after-newborn-girl-was-bornI love photographing a good cry face. It’s just too cute and pitiful. I’ll ask mom first if she’s comfortable with it (I don’t want her to think I’m denying her the chance to comfort her baby), but they always say, “yes, please do!”. We’re all on the same mom length, wanting to remember these precious details. Including the cry face.

sweet-newborn-baby-crying-in-doctors-hospitaldad-helping-his-newborn-baby-againDaddy-changing-newborn-girls-diaper-in-the-hospitalsweet-newborn-baby-girlnewborn-baby-in-her-bed-at-doctors-hospitalNewborn toes.


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