Grovetown Maternity Photographer

Our first house in Georgia (as a married couple) was in Grovetown. Back then, Grovetown was still pretty small. It had two tiny grocery stores, a Wal-Mart, a few gas stations, and several mom and pop restaurants. Then we were moved to San Antonio for 3 years. When we got word that they were sending us back to the Augusta, GA area, all of our friends warned us to not find a house in Grovetown again. Traffic was heavy when we were previously there, and for that reason alone we decided to look in other areas to live. Once we finally got back to Georgia, we were taken back at just how much the Grovetown area had grown. It was huge! So many more homes, more stores, construction to widen the roads. And the traffic was still a nightmare haha. It’s such a nice place to live and when they finally get all the building and road widening complete, it’s going to be amazing.

Photo of the beautiful Tamara at Euchee Creek in Grovetown.

Anyway, I digress. Grovetown is where I’ve met so many friends and where I began my business. It was our home away from home for quite a while. I still travel out there for sessions frequently. Euchee Creek Park is a popular spot for photographers to photograph. There are also beautiful empty lots and wild flowers on side roads. I frequently make my way over there into clients homes for lifestyle sessions, whether for maternity or newborns.

Photo of new Grovetown home owners Maggie and Rusty.
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