Home Birth Fresh 48

What is a Fresh 48, you ask? Well, it’s photos taken of baby, within 48 hours of birth, at the place of baby’s birth. This darling baby boy, River, was my first in-home fresh 48. Meaghan was a first time mom, and she decided to have a home birth with a midwife. Lots of hugs and high fives mama, because you’re a rock star for doing so!

A lot of people worry about their home being too small, not fancy enough, too dark. Guys, listen. I’ve seen it all. I’ve worked in it all. You’re house is not ugly! It may be small, but I work in tight spaces all the time! Sure, it might be dark, but we’ll just stay near windows or I’ll use my flash. Hello, remember me? Becca, photographer who loves dark, raw, intimate things. Yeah your house is good.

boho-augusta-maternity-photographerbaby-yawning-during-his-first-48-photosat-home-fresh-48-sessionI don’t often do black and white images, as I feel color tells more of a story. However, sometimes an image just screams black and white to me, like this one.



Give me those baby toes to nibble!


When I saw this photo I just died laughing! How cute is this little guy peeking up at me?!


This photo. Father and son. I’m just a sucker for tender moments.


I adore it when I’m able to get a photo of baby “making” silly hand gestures haha. Mama was talking to him, asking if he was warm and sleepy and then he gives her the ‘ok’ sign.


Probably my favorite family portrait to date. No joke.



I hope you stopped dead in your tracks like I did when you saw this photo ^. Those eyes though. They’re so piercing and captivating! Lifestyle photos done in your home are so relaxing, for both the parents and baby. If you’ve got a little one(s?) on the way, click HERE to send me an email and we’ll get you set up for your session!