How To Make Your Session Boho

If you’re familiar with my photography style, then you know I love bohemian style, aka boho. What is boho, you may ask. Google defines it as a person who has informal and unconventional social habits, especially an artist or writer. I do not consider myself as someone who has unconventional social habits haha, so let’s use its synonyms to help describe it better in an artistic view. Unconventional, off-beat, free spirit, hippie, artsy.
I love the different.


I’m not one to often say, “look at me and say ‘cheese’!” I love to capture and convey raw, emotional feelings. I want you to FEEL through the image. I want to create one of those images that you stop and stare at. Whether in awe, in wonder, or in joyfulness. Emotion isn’t the only thing that creates the boho feel, though. What you wear, your wardrobe, your makeup, your hair, your husbands and kids clothes, your home. There are so many ways you can help enhance a boho style in your images.

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Clothes influence photos more than some people give them credit. Texture is a big one that I guide mamas to look for in their clothing choices. Lace, embroidery, layers, accessories. These things look so good in photos! One of my favorite shops for beautiful maternity dresses is Fillyboo Maternity. They have the most gorgeous dresses that my clients fall in love with, and I do, too! Below is a photo with a Sew Trendy Accessory that’s a fan favorite. I have this available for all my clients to wear.
I always encourage mamas to pick their outfit first, then coordinate your husbands + children outfits around you. Please, for the love of all that’s holy, do not wear matchy matchy clothes. Pick clothes that compliment each other, not duplicate each other. Want to go the extra mile? Wear a boho style headband. Put a flower in some braids. Beach waves are beautiful for a boho feel!

For your newborns session, floral is really “in” right now and I’m all about it! Have a baby boy? I love less is more. You can never go wrong with baby in just his diaper or bare bum. Now, obviously you can’t (re)decorate your home to give it a boho style for your photos, and lucky you, you don’t have to! I focus more on the light in your home than your decor, so I wouldn’t stress the small stuff. Really though, my dark, moody, editing style is perfect for the boho feel you want, and I strive to deliver.

augusta-boho-newborn-photographerHave questions about how you can make your session more boho? Shoot me an email (click here) and we’ll go over details!

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