Maternity Milk Bath

Last year, I felt like the internet was taken over by photos of women in baths filled with milk. It looked dreamy, artistic, and was oddly intriguing. I had to join the band wagon! Every soon-to-be mom that contacted me to book photos probably thought I was a weirdo when I asked if they’d be interested in making their session into a maternity milk bath session. They hadn’t heard of such a thing and were not interested in being my guinea pigs. So, I put out a “model call” asking for any pregnant mama who wanted free photos… in a bath of milk… to contact me. I had a surprisingly large amount of moms who reached out to me (who doesn’t love free photos?!). I ended up choosing Tatjana and she was so perfect for this role!


Milk baths really are so dreamy. They’re so fun for me and according to the moms, they’re relaxing and I’m told it’s a great moisturizer haha.

I understand how awkward being in front of the camera can be. I understand how laying in a tub, half naked, leaning unnaturally can be awkward! Tatjana though. She trusted me with everything I guided her to do. She knew I had a vision and was willing to be my muse and I love her for that!

These flowers are 100% real. The process I have for picking out the flowers is kind of intense haha. I’ll often go to multiple locations, multiple stores. I have to find the right type, the right color, the right size. You can’t just throw some flowers in a bath and expect it to look good. Or maybe you can. I don’t know haha I can be a perfectionist with my photos so you won’t catch me doing it.

Book a milk bath session with me! It can be with maternity or mom and me. New tiny babies in the bath is the cutest thing, seriously. Click here to send me an email and we’ll talk details!