Maternity Photographer in Augusta Georgia

Maternity and newborn photographer in Augusta, GA. Working in surrounding areas such as Grovetown, Evans, Martinez, and North Augusta, SC.

As a business owner, as a maternity and newborn photographer, in the (almost) year 2018, it’s important for me to stay on top of social media and SEO efforts. Even if you’ve never owned a business yourself, I’m sure you can imagine the impact the online world has on things now. So, this post is all about the internet and efforts to help me stay on top of it. Feel free to stop reading at this point, because everything I’m going to say from this point on is only to work with Google and try to win at this whole internet search blogging stuff. I’m going to use the words maternity, newborn, and photography a lot. After all, that’s what I am; a maternity and newborn photographer who mostly works out of the Augusta, GA area.

Maternity photographer Augusta, GA

I’m often known for my maternity milk bath photos. They’re a favorite of everyone’s! And what’s not to love? There’s something so elegant, so peaceful, so beautiful about them. Then the artistic side of it is just fun and captivating. These women are growing life inside of them! How amazing is that?! I’ve never once had a mother complain, saying she regretting getting maternity portraits done. I have, however, had women say to me that they regret NOT having their pictures taken while pregnant. You miss it. You don’t miss the pain or the discomfort, but you miss that connection.


You miss that connection that only a mother will ever know. Your body, being taken over by some being that you haven’t even met, but still you love more than life itself. That’s what I am to capture when I photograph your pregnancy. Now, my work here is done. I think I’ve babbled enough for the internet to recognize this post. At least, I hope so.

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