Taylor’s Lifestyle Newborn Session

I totally blogged baby Taylor’s fresh 48 session (see it HERE!) before her maternity or newborn session. Why? I don’t know why, so don’t ask haha. Regardless, this family is a favorite of mine and you’ll probably be seeing me post on my social media accounts (Facebook HERE, Insta HERE) their sessions for forever. Foooorrrrr eeeeeevvvvverrrrrrrr (name that movie!)
But I digress.

She was pretty textbook for her session. Meaning she slept really good! Our only probably was that she was a hungry one! She fed on mom, off and on, for about an hour haha. (First time moms, that’s totally normal! So don’t be alarmed.)


Sweet baby Taylor Jade is such a doll. I would have sneaked off with her if her parents didn’t want her, but I’m pretty sure she’s got them wrapped around her tiny, adorable, totally nibbly, finger.


Mama bear right here. Tamara, you’re a rock star. I admire you. I envy you. You’re amazing and such a good mother. Keep up the great work lady!


I just died laughing at this one! He must be so fun to live with haha.


Could dad and his baby girl be any cuter?! No, nope. They couldn’t.


I would have sneaked off with these pups too if I could have!

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