White Gown Maternity Session in Field

I met Meaghan, the gorgeous mama pictured below, in 2016 when she responded to a model call I put out. I bought this darling white gown from Sew Trendy Accessories and needed it photographed so that my future maternity clients could see what it looked like and decide if they would like to wear it for their photos with me.

Side note, I offer several gown options! More photos of those to come.


We met up at the field at Cibolo Nature Center , which is located in San Antonio and side note for all my photo friends, they require a photography permit now! The white dress was a perfect fit and I instantly fell in love with her red hair. If I had the guts, I’d go red with my hair!


I’m a sucker for wind, guys! If I ever have an assistant with me, I’ll use them to fan some air over if the wind is not blowing for me haha.
Long dresses + wind is my favorite.


In the summer, all this tall grass is green and scary because you’re worried about snakes. So I love shooting at this place during the winter (like it ever really is “winter” in the south) months. And it’s always such a sad day when they mow. Give me all the tall dead grass please!


I always have my go-to places that I love to photograph at. I know the light, where it hits, where it’s flattering. So that’s always something that’s really frustrating when we move (military family here). I always have to find new locations and “new” light. It’s a process, for sure, but it’s also something I enjoy because it gives me an excuse to explore.


Want to wear this dress for your maternity session? Let’s do it! Email me by clicking HERE!