Birth Photographer in Augusta

Augusta Birth Photographer

I'm a birth photographer serving Augusta, Ga and surrounding areas. We're all familiar with the internet and how the computer uses words to search and find things relevant to you. Well, this post is basically just for that search and I'll be repeating a lot of words such as birth, photography, Augusta, newborns, babies, hospitals, etc. I'll be frank and say that if you're not a computer then the rest of this information is of no importance to you.

Birth photography is a true passion of mine. Whether it's a home birth or a hospital birth, being able to document each mother's experience of welcoming their little one(s) into this world is an honor! The emotion that feels the room, the anticipation, excitement, and sometimes fear. It's an amazing experience and it's all so fleeting that I believe having photographs to remember this special moment is a priceless gift.

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