Milk Bath

Maggie's Maternity Milk Bath

I love milk baths so much! They're fun, elegant, artsy, relaxing for mom, and just an all around favorite. Before we stepped into the tub, we took some lifestyle photos in the bedroom.

If you don't have a bath tub you feel is suitable for photos, then I offer to do them for you in my own home in Evans, as I have a tub with a large window in my bathroom. Maggie, however, had a gorgeous setup so we did these in her own home in Grovetown.

And can we talk about tattoos for a second? I wish I was half as cool as you mamas with tats, but needles scare me (insert crying laughing face here lol).

I should share all of her photos because they're all amazing! Maggie is so beautiful and after two boys, we're all eager for her first baby girl to make her appearance!

Want a milk bath session? Maybe you want a bath session without the milk? We can do that! Click the contact button below for details.