Do I have to purchase images separately?

Nope! All of the edited images are included with your purchase and are delivered via digital download.

What form of payment do you except?

I send invoices online through PayPal and you can pay through them or with a card.

Do you allow monthly payments?

Yes! For single session purchases, 50% is due to schedule your session with the remainder due at a later date. For packages, I customize monthly payment plans and I also offer a photo registry where family and friends can help contribute financially to the purchase of your images. Click HERE for more details.


How long is a maternity session?

A full maternity session is 1 hour long. A mini is about 20 minutes.

Do you provide gowns?

Yes I do! I have a small collection of gowns for you to choose from if you’d like.

Where are bath sessions done?

Bath sessions are done in your home, provided the bathroom has a window in the room to give natural light. If you do not have a tub suitable, then I also do bath sessions in my own home.

Do you decide on the location?

For a full session, you get to pick the location. I offer tips and suggestions on what would work best for you. Mini sessions are predetermined and held in Evans, GA.

How long does a bath session last?

A full session is 1 hour long. 30 minutes prior to getting in the bath, we do lifestyle images in the home, typically on the bed. The remaining 30 minutes are done in the bath.

Do I need to bring milk and flowers to my milk bath session?

No. Milk baths are an additional $15 because I provide the milk and the flowers. The flowers are carefully hand chosen by me.


Do you give discounts for scheduled c-sections or inductions?

Scheduled deliveries are not discounted for two main reasons.
1. There’s always the possibility of going into labor before your scheduled delivery date. Regardless of your planned delivery date, I’m still on call for you morning and night, Mon-Sun. Babies often have their own planned delivery days.
2. If you deliver on your scheduled date, the time frame is still unknown. We could be at the hospital for hours and even days. It’s not uncommon for c-sections to be planned early in the morning, but due to emergencies and unforeseen circumstances, the c-section would be pushed back for hours. For this reason, the basic cost still applies, to cover my time for the unknown.
Find out more information on our photo registry HERE.

Do you take pictures of everything at the birth, including “down there”?

After you’ve completed the booking process with me, you’ll receive a questionnaire that goes into details about what you would and would not like photographed, including whether you’d be comfortable with crowning shots or not.

What if my doctor doesn’t allow photos?

Be sure to discuss with your provider about having a photographer in the room prior to booking with me. While we’ve come a long way in the acceptance of documenting birth, some people are more “old fashioned” and can not comprehend the idea of a photographer being there. The phrasing you use can really impact someone’s opinion. Be sure to explain that I am a professional. I’ve photographed many births and work along side medical professionals often. Emphasize how important it is to you to have me there as part of your birth team.

What if I don’t want my birth photos online?

Birth is a very intimate moment that people sometimes feel is too special to share with others. I respect every mother’s wishes when it comes to allowing me to share their birth story online, however, I urge everyone to remember that without you yourself seeing beautiful birth images online, it’s unlikely that you would have been inspired to have your own birth documented.

Do you use a flash for the birth?

Absolutely! Good light is essential to photography. My flash is pointed behind me and bounces off of the wall or ceiling to create a soft look. I’ve never been told it’s distracting, however, I ask that mothers communicate with me and alert me if for some reason it becomes bothersome.


What is a Fresh 48?

A fresh 48 is a session that takes place within the first 48 hours after birth, at the place of baby’s birth. This session is all about the details of a brand new life that is changing and molding by the hour. It’s about the hospital, the bracelets, the bed, the colors and room and everything you forget about when you leave and can’t take it with you.

What happens if you can’t make it in the 48 hour time period?

If for some unforeseen circumstance I am unable to photograph the fresh 48, I would send another wonderful photographer to photograph your session for you, and then I would edit and delivery the photos.

Can I bring my own outfit and accessories for the Fresh 48?

The short answer is yes, you can bring your own outfit for yourself and baby. However, the point of this session is to document the things as they are, things that you can’t bring home. Leaving yourself in the hospital gown, leaving baby in their hospital blanket with their hospital white onesie is the ideal way to document this moment.


When are newborn sessions scheduled?

Newborn sessions are scheduled after baby has made their arrival. They are typically done when baby is between the age of 6-14 days. However, I take newborns up to 6 weeks old.

Is the session done in a studio?

No. I have a posing bag and light that I bring to you in your home and complete the session there. However, I do have a room in my home that I use for studio work occasionally and complete newborn sessions there when needed.

Do you pose newborns?

Short answer, no. I use a method that’s referred to as baby-led posing. You can find more info on it HERE.

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