newborn photographer in augusta ga


My mom calls me Rebecca, but I mostly go by Bec. I am a wife to a stud and a mother to four kids. Being a homemaker and business woman can make life crazy, but I do it anyway because yolo.

I'm so passionate about the journey of motherhood. I believe these fleeting moments are influential times that warrant more than a glance, but deserve to be preserved with emotion and feeling through photography.

I don't just take pictures, I document moments. I want my work to be seen more as art than just a photograph. I take a documentary and lifestyle approach to capture raw moments and emotions. I strive to provide an organic setting to create images that are not just loved for a moment, but valued for a lifetime.

I love connecting with fellow mothers and building a relationship with each family as I follow their journey through parenthood, documenting every moment I can. Reach out if you have any questions about us working together. I'm so excited to connect with you! (Unless you’re a hater or perv, in that case, bye Felicia)